• The Apartment Hunter’s Four Step Guide to Success

    Choosing an apartment isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. After all, you’re talking about choosing the place that will become your shelter—one of your most basic human needs. Odds are, you’re going to be committing to that decision for at least the next year, which is the typical term of an apartment lease; […]

  • Life Hacks for a Small(ish) Apartment Bathroom

      Unless you’re reading this from the spacious comfort of your sprawling penthouse on Fifth Avenue, your apartment was probably carefully designed to be optimally space-efficient. That’s a nice way of saying that a brilliant architect was probably tasked with the job of allocating more space in the rooms you’re likely to spend a lot […]

  • Top Tips for Sharing Your Apartment with a Pet

    Whether you and your pet are moving together into a new apartment or if you’re just getting one now that you’re in a pet-friendly place, there are a few things you’ll need to know in order to share your space with your furry friend. Here are our favorite tips for making—and keeping—your apartment as comfortable […]

  • Apartments: One Sofa, Five Ways

      When you think about decorating the living room of your new apartment, getting the sofa just right is probably one of the first things that springs to mind. It’s an important focal point and serves as both “Social Central” when you’re entertaining visitors and as your own special place to crash and unwind at […]

  • Cleaning Your Apartment Oven without Chemical Fumes

      Your apartment probably comes with a self-cleaning oven designed with a heat setting that’s used periodically to basically burn off all of the food residue that accumulates over time. While this is pretty effective, in general, even a regularly-cleaned oven will take on a layer of burned-on residue over time. This isn’t a cleaning […]

  • Apartments:Friendly Reminders

    Dear Residents, We hope you all had an amazing holiday season and a great New Year!! Below are some friendly reminders in hopes of starting and keeping 2016 a great year for all the residents at NRYC. *Balcony- The office continues to received multiple complaints of cigarettes and other debris being thrown off balconies. This […]

  • New Apartment Furniture

    New apartment furniture   January is the month!   Horchow, West Elm, Home Depot, Target, and Crate and Barrel are just a few of the major retailers who heavily discount their collections in January. You’ll even see a few mattress sales, although we’ve found that the best mattress deals come in April. Expect to see […]

  • How to Scent Your Apartment for the Cooler Seasons

      Just seeing “December” at the top of the calendar can bring a huge wave of nostalgia. For some, it’s the remembrance of back-to-school shopping, the feel of new    shoes and slightly stiff new clothes while waiting for the bus on a cool morning; and knowing that the Holidays were just around the corner, […]

  • Tips for Apartment Patio Furniture

    One of the best things about most apartments is that they come with an added extra bit of outdoor living space; so if you’re not using your balcony or patio, it’s time to start enjoying it! Whether you’re considering buying some new patio furniture and want to know how to care for it; or if […]

  • Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

    Welcome to Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale, the Riverwalk Linear Park and the Downtown Riverwalk District, a lush tropical waterfront in the downtown center of an urban metropolis. Our mission is “to be the catalyst in building and nurturing Riverwalk as a vibrant community connected by the New River“. We take our mission seriously and strive to […]